GrandvilleSheeple.com is a site that (so far) showcases two political satires that are inspired by Grandville’s Animals

Publishing October 30, 2016: The American Animaux Presidential Election satires the Donald Trump/Hillary Clinton presidential election

Published in May 2015: The Animaux Fable of the Rise And Fall of the Sheeple Party is a political satire inspired by the writings of George Orwell

The American Animaux Presidential Election

Chapter plots:

Chapter 1: Meet all the characters in American Animauxland and find out how the Insect Revolt will impact the election!

Chapter 2: Meet the Millennials who run as the alternative party to Trump Peacock and Hillary Lioness. And discover who Hillary Lioness has invited to Animauxland!

Chapter 3: The plot thickens as the humans start to run amok as the Insect Revolt becomes more deadly. All as the Elite bet on the winner of the election and who best advances their own agenda

Chapter 4: Gowdy Hunting Dog starts his pursuit of Hillary Lioness with the tenacity not displayed by Homeland Security Bureau Hound Dog. Pepe the Troll starts his attack! Boy! What a fiendish disguise! Putin almost fooled everyone! The Russians are coming! The Russians are coming! Meanwhile, everyone slings mud on everyone else as politics ignores obvious dangers to focus on one thing: who will win the election!

Chapter 5: Mr Fox unravels a fiendish conspiracy to overthrow American Animuxland as election day arrives amidst accusations of corruption, assassination, censorship, arrests, and the threat of martial law. And remember dear readers that I am telling you a work of complete fiction which does not mirror reality in the slightest! Wink! Wink! Nod! Nod!

The Animaux Fable of the Rise And Fall of the Sheeple Party

Chapter plots:

Chapter 1: Grandville Orwell The Industrious Beetle offers to narrate the tragic Rise and Fall of the Sheeple Party helped and hindered by Christopher Fox the Machiavellian Master of Chicanery and the Sycophantic Dog. The devious tale does not start off well!

Chapter 2: Introduces the propagandists  of the new Sheeple Party including Mr. Murdoch Lion of Fox & Hare News, Mrs. Bachmann Magpie, Mrs. Palin Wolf, and Limbaugh Cockatoo. But our lucky Fox gets the dubious job as minister of propaganda!

Chapter 3: But can Mr. Christopher Fox be trusted? The corporate underwriters of the glorious new Sheeple Party For Patriotic (translation gullible) Animaux are revealed: The Heritage Cartel & Turkeys For Prosperity — who are fronting for Mr. Vulture and Mr. Crocodile Koch. Oh dear! And the news gets even worse! The Libertarian Wolves and Animal Farm Inc offers a merger with the tasty Sheeple Party!

Chapter 4: The Military Industrial Complex walks their president while the Crocodile Bankers feast. Meanwhile the Urban and Rural Rats starve

Chapter 5: When are the Crumbs of Prosperity suppose to start trickling down to us Animaux? Meanwhile those Lizards the Bailed Out Bankers Bask in the Balmy Sun

Chapter 6: Mr. Cruz Auk rolls across the border into Animaux Land to nominate himself King of the Bird Party. His Platform: shut down the Government.  The Donkey Party is less than awed. But then they are the Donkey Party after all

Chapter 7: Ex President Donkey desperately organizes a rear guard defense to save Animaux Land  while continuing not to inhale. Mr. Trump Peacock and Mr. Christie Hawk are assured by Mr. Boehner T Chameleon that everything is under control — or not

Chapter 8: The Craven Hare snivels while Mr. Newt Cockatoo revels in the gloriousness of chaos. Mr. McConnell Owl wonders if the brilliant plot is going awry — and if he should bother to stop it or else just sit back and enjoy it. Mr. McCain Elephant and Mr. Bison Brooks debates the wisdom of committing political suicide

Chapter 9: The House of Government of Animaux Land , the Monkey House, raises up to overthrow Mr. Cruz Auk. The Wall Street Hippos celebrate the return to sanity — or at least the status quo which passes for sanity. Mr. Cruz Auk commits suicide when his brilliant plot fails. Meanwhile Doctor Perry Stork offers to solve the Health Insurance Crisis with his celebrated Enema Test. Christopher Fox launches a coup of the Sheeple Party — but is betrayed by guess who? You bad dog you! The Corporate Underwriters of the Sheeple Party invite the tasty Sheeple onto the Animaux Ark for a feast. The menu is entitled ‘To Serve Animaux’. Gosh! I think I heard that before in some Twilight Zone show or other….

Chapter 10: Christopher Fox meets his well earned end. The Sycophantic Dog earns his well deserved end as well — as the only winner of this dubious morality tale! ‘My moral is evaporating!’ wails the Beetle! ‘I got my cut!’ retorts the Dog! ‘Can I have the crumbs? Please?’ wails the Craven Hare